2 Million and 600 thousand times thank you!

In 2020 the Politecnico di Milano received 2 million and 600 thousand euro in donation to the community, to finance Scholarships, facilities and research

“The pride of the Politecnico: in the year 2020 the Alumni donors have continued to give their concrete contribution to the effort of the University of being a real asset for research and innovation for the country. Their donations gave to many students the opportunity to continue their academic career and to many researchers the opportunity to continue their projects. "

Prof. Enrico Zio, President of the Association of the Alumni of Politecnico di Milano Rector's Delegate for Alumni and individual fundraising at Politecnico di Milano

The donors of the Politecnico di Milano in 2020 are 9.585: among them there are a lot of Alumni, but not only. The community of the Politecnico is big and among them there are associations, companies, single individuals that share and understand the mission of the University and want to support its activities. In total,the 9.585 donors have donated 2 million and 600 thousand euros.

These donations are vital for a lot of projects of the Politecnico. To cite a few projects: in 2020 the University was able to finance 87 scholarships to deserving students that could start or continue their studies with this contribution and in the last fall the construction site for the new Campus of Architecture has been completed, which has both new spaces and laboratories and an open garden for the whole city of Milan.

Scientific research is another field that has greatly benefited from donations. The more than 600 thousand euros coming from the pre-tax 5xMille donation were entirely devolved to projects with high social impactwith the goal of transferring scientific and technologic innovation towards the development of urban areas that were not as developed, to help developing countries as well as minors and the most vulnerable population in the country. Furthermore, more than 270 thousand euros were given towards PhDs. Scholarships to bring to the Politecnico a lot of young and bright researchers.

In this dramatic year a big support for the university arrived from the Alumni community. Among others we want to highlight the donors that were key in the production of the Polichina (hygienizing gel) and the 44 alumni of the class of 1987/88 in Managing Engineer,that donated 10.220 to buy the dispenser of gelto keep the laboratories and the rooms in the university open. Lastly the international community was able to donate to the Politecnico 200 thousand masks that were distributed at the height of the crisis in March and April.