Politecnico enrollments: international students are on the rise

Increased number of international students enrollement despite the pandemic

There has been an increase in international student enrollments, in spite of the pandemic. This is the message from Ferruccio Resta, the Rector of the Politecnico di Milano, against the backdrop of the presentation of Arch Week.

“We have 2 percent in terms of engineers, in Architecture we have limited places, therefore we have been saturating places for many years, the same goes for Design. There is a growth in international students, a sign that the quality of the Politecnico and our city remain very attractive”, Resta affirms.

“It has been pleasant and moving to see students returning to the half full lecture halls. I must say that students are behaving very responsibility. They want to offload the energy they have accumulated, but they are complying with the rigid and very inflexible rules that we have imposed. It is important to have in person teaching. It is important to take the necessary precautions in compliance with the regulations, while keeping communication open. We owe it to our students, we owe it to our teachers, we owe it to Milan”.

However, online teaching cannot replace in person teaching, says the Rector of the Politecnico di Milano, in an interview with Affari Italiani: “Online teaching has been a life jacket during a stormy moment, but it is the responsibility of the Politecnico not to hand over the victory to Covid-19. That was the emergency and we have handled it. Today we need to understand what good came out of the emergency and how to take it forward into the future and what was simply necessary to manage the emergency. We need to live with the virus, without abandoning social interaction. This is why last Monday, 22 thousand students started to enter the Politecnico lecture halls”.