Polisocial Award 2021: launche of the projects funded by the "5 per mille" donations

There are five "equity and recovery" projects financed by "5 per mille" donations from Alumni to the Politecnico di Milano

The five projects selected by the Polisocial Award 2021will be launched in the coming months,on the theme“Equità e Ripresa”. The health emergency has exacerbated social imbalances and exclusion and rendered the increase in inequality a concrete possibility. The funded projects will act from a perspective of economic, social and cultural recovery, promoting the development of methods, strategies, tools and technologies aimed at reducing inequalities and facilitating access to resources and opportunities by particularly vulnerable people, social groups or communities.

SOSpesa: neighbourhood networks for the recovery, distribution and recycling of food surplus 

Departments: DESIGN, DIG, DEIB 
Tag: recupero alimentare, contrasto alla povertà, reti di quartiere
Location: NoLo district, Milan

5 per mille 2021 sospesa

In agreement with the association fabric of the NoLo district in Milan, the project aims to create a network of supportive local actors who, by mapping food flows, will offer food products at regulated prices, recover surplus food and transform unsold goods to help vulnerable groups. 

RESTARTHealth: Renewable Energy Systems To Activate Recovery Through the Health sector 

Departments: DENG, DIG, DMEC 
Tag: efficienza energetica, sanità, Africa
Location: Gulu District, Uganda 

5 per mille 2021 restartheatlth

The project aims to strengthen the health and community services infrastructures in sub-Saharan Africa by studying efficient electricity management for hybrid micro-grids. Tests and demo applications in a hospital and three health centres in Uganda will produce general guidelines. 

EQUI_06: equity and quality for children. Guidelines for implementing the integrated system 0-6 years  

Departments: DASTU, DIG, DESIGN 
Tag: servizi pre-scolari, educazione, quartieri marginali
Location: Milan

5 per mille 2021 equi6

Starting from a pilot study, which will help to explore the complex framework of needs and resources relating to early childhood, the research seeks to define guidelines for the creation of integrated territorial hubs of “0-6” pre-school services. The focus is on urban areas, in particular the areas at greatest risk of social exclusion and educational poverty. 

coWIN: win-win cooperation building sites for the redevelopment of properties seized from the mafia  

Departments: DABC, DASTU, DIG 
Tag: legalità, occupazione, recupero immobili
Location: Lombardy/Milan metropolitan area 

5 per mille 2021 co-win

Pilot experiments for the development of an innovative “hub and spoke” model for the recovery and redevelopment of properties seized from members of organised crime. The aim is to spark social regeneration based on the technical training and employment integration of vulnerable groups, leaving tangible signs of equity and legality.

Budd-e: Blind-assistive aUtonomous Droid Device  

Departments: DEIB, DIG, DESIGN, DABC 
Tag: disabilità visiva, accessibilità, robot-assistance
Location: Milan 

5 per mille 2021 BUDD-e

It addresses the needs of visually impaired people affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns and the restrictions imposed on the daily use of spaces and services, and more. How do we make them fully accessible so that visually impaired people can use them independently and safely? The integrated approach involves inclusive design, robotics, Automation and Architecture. The researchers predict a strong impact on wayfinding applications in medical and care facilities, shopping centres, cultural centres (e.g. museums) and sports centres. In particular, the E4sport laboratory will support the the implementation of the Budd-e project in the Giuriati sports centre to help blind and partially-sighted users during sports activities, such as running. 

dona al 5 per mille

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