Polisocial Award 2021: winners announced

Five “equity and recovery” projects will be funded via the “5x1000” tax contribution scheme

This year, the Politecnico di Milano will be able to invest 500.000 euro worth of funds, raised with the “5x1000” tax contribution scheme, to finance the five research projects that won the Polisocial Award, a contest promoted every year by the University as part of its social responsibility programme.

The eighth edition of the competition focuses on the theme of “Equity and Recovery”: with projects aiming to develop methods, strategies and tools designed to reduce the social imbalances aggravated by the Covid-19 emergency by facilitating access to resources and opportunities open to vulnerable people, categories or communities, with a view to promoting equity and sustainability.


BUDD-e | Blind-assistive aUtonomous Droid Device
Scientific Coordinator: Marcello Farina, DEIB
The project promotes fair recovery for the visually impaired affected by the Covid-19 containment measures and the restrictions placed on the regular use of spaces and services. The aim is to allow these people to start accessing public services and places again through an integrated approach that combines inclusive design, IC technologies and robotics.

Co-WIN | Win-win cooperation sites for the redevelopment of buildings confiscated from the Mafia and for social fairness
Scientific Coordinator: Andrea Campioli, DABC
Pilot project for the development of an innovative hub and spoke model for the recovery and redevelopment of property confiscated from organised crime. The aim is to trigger social regeneration dynamics based on technical training and on the work integration of fragile categories, leaving tangible signs of fairness and legality.

EQUI_06 | Equity and quality in childhood: guidelines to implement an integrated 0-6 system
Scientific Coordinator: Stefania Sabatinelli, DASTU
Starting from a pilot study, which will help to gain insights into the complex framework of needs and resources related to early childhood, the project aims to define a set of guidelines for the implementation of integrated territorial hubs of “0-6” pre-school services in urban contexts, in particular in areas at greater risk of social exclusion and educational poverty.

RESTARTHealth | Renewable Energy Systems To Activate Recovery Through the Health sector
Scientific Coordinator: Marco Merlo, DENG
The project aims to strengthen health infrastructure and community services in Sub-Saharan Africa by studying efficient power management for hybrid micro-grids. Testing and demonstrations in a hospital and three healthcare centres in Uganda will help to produce a set of universal guidelines.

SOSpesa | Neighbourhood networks for the recovery, distribution and use of surplus food
Scientific Coordinator: Davide Fassi, DESIGN
In accordance with the associations of the Nolo district of Milan, this project aims to create a network of supportive local stakeholders to map food flows so as to be able to offer foodstuff at subsidised prices, recover any surplus food and provide unsold products to fragile categories.