Floating Wind Energy: Italy has all the potential to be a leading country

Professor Marco Belloli, of the department of Mechanics, talks about the technology and the potential of offshore eolic turbines in an intervie with Radio24

Maurizio Melis, journalist and Alumnus of the Politecnico di Milano, is the host of Smart City, a series of interviews on sustainable technologies that airs on Radio24. During the episode on December 9th he interviewed Professor Marco Belloli, from the department of Mechanics and scientific director of the Politecnico di Milano Wind Tunnel (GVPM) as well as bein an expert on Floating Wind Energy.

During the interview “sustainable 2030: the explosion of floating eolic turbines", Belloli explained the technology at the basis of this system and the potential that these turbines could have in producing renewable energy. According to the International Energy Agency, in 2019 eolic turbines have produced just the 0,3% of the world's energy demand of electricity but the extimates are that in the next 10 years the development of the technology will be able to produce up to 420 mila TWh per year, which is equivalent to  18 times the current energetic demand of electricity around the world.

Belloli concludes its interview with a panoramic of the most advanced countries in using turbines, of the most promising spots for their use and the role of Italy. Europe is leading in the development of eolic systems and the "Mediterrenean are is very favourable for this technology. Italy has a long history of ship building and of offshore sites, which could mean that could be a key player in this area."